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We are manufacturers since 1978

Wide Variety of Manufacturing Equipment


To manufacture its products according to the highest standards in quality, and meet the requirements of customers, and with the legislative and regulatory requirements, SACOME has a wide variety of manufacturing equipment: welding machines, lathes, milling, boring, drilling, cylinders, saws, lifting equipment, and so on.

The highlights, as an intrinsic part of the “Know-how” of SACOME are:

  • Tube corrugating machines, either manually or automatically.
  • Hydraulic presses to conform bellows, up to nominal diameter ND3000.
  • Machine for mechanical conformation of bellows, up to a nominal diameter of ND7000.
SACOME factory at full capacity

The Welding is the key factor


The welding is the key factor in the manufacturing of equipment. The welding is an indispensable feature in our equipment, and this task is done with the highest quality standards.

At SACOME are using the most modern welding machines in the market: Orbital GTAW Welding Machines of medium and high thickness, orbital GTAW welding machines for tube to tubesheet welds, GTAW and MICROPLASMA welding machines for automatic welding of thin thickness (from 0.3 mm), columns for semiautomatic GMAW welding of large diameter elements, as well as many machine for common processes welds GTAW, GMAW, SMAW (electrode), PLASMA, etc. This capability is managed by European Welding Engineers, and welders are qualified in accordance with ASME and EN codes.

Manufacturing Process in accordance with 2014/68/CE


Our pressure equipment meet all safety requirements laid down in Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

Manufacturing is guaranteed by several quality controls performed on our equipment: Inspection of incoming raw materials, traceability, visual inspection and dimensional control in different stages, leak testing, hydraulic testing, finishing, cleaning, painting if apply, packaging and preparation for shipment.

Also, other inspections are usually performed: radiographic examination of welds (using both X-ray and radioactive isotopes), liquid penetrant, ultrasonic examination, magnetic particle and other non-destructive tests according to customer requirements. These are outsourced to recognized third-party organizations.

The manufacture of our equipment has been successfully supervised and inspected by the most prestigious Inspection Agencies.

Inspections and Quality Tests


These inspections are carried out according the procedures and guidelines approved by our Quality Department, which certifies those tests, or by external recognized agencies, always done by qualified workers.

We guarantee the manufacturing of our shell and tube heat exchangers, metal expansion joints, process plants and pressure vessels by means of different quality controls.

We are listing some of them as follows:

  • Inspections of raw materials reception
  • Visual inspection and dimensional control at all stages of manufacturing
  • X-Ray tests of welding
  • Die penetrants / magnetic particles
  • Ultrasounds
  • Pressure tests (hydraulic)
  • Leak testing (air, helium)
  • Materials identification (PMI)

Authorised Independent Bodies and Approved Entities


The manufacturing and inspections can be supervised and certified by an authorised independent body and approved entities:


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