Research, Development and Innovation

Improvements in manufacturing procedures and new applications


SACOME R+D+i Department does a constant research to improve our manufacturing processes, with the aim to offer an optimal quality at a low price for all our range of products.

Our R+D+i staff takes continous efforts for the development of new applications and design procedures, and this places our company at the forefront solving new processing scenarios and facing potential challenges.


Research, Development and InnovationAs a result of our innovative character, SACOME is continuously developing original designs for all kinds of applications. Our R+D+i contribution to the heat exchange sector, through the course of our business that started in the year 1978, includes contributions in the design and manufacturing of Tubular Heat Exchangers, Metal Expansion Joints, Food Processing Plants and Pressure Vessels.

In the area of Tubular Heat Exchangers, Food Processing Plants and Pressure Vessels for Food Industry our main feature is the search of innovative solutions compared to the difficulties coming from the processing of food products. Among our contributions, we should point out the main SACOME R+D+i projects.

In the area of Tubular Heat Exchangers, Food Processing Plants and Pressure Vessels for Food Industry our main feature is the search of innovative solutions compared to the difficulties coming from the processing of food products.

Research, Development and Innovation Main Projects

Research, Development and Innovation

Infusion System


During the year 2000, our R+D+i Department developed an innovative infusion system intended for the fruit juice heat treatment, allowing a very fast heat treatment by means of direct contact between the juice stream and sanitary steam.

Research, Development and Innovation

Cooking Tank


In 2003 SACOME supplied its first state-of-the-art tank for the cooking of porridge / rice with milk, including an external steam jacket and special agitation blades to avoid the sticking of the product to the internal walls of the vessel. This innovative cooking tank allowed the client to do the cooking of the product in a continuous way, instead of a batch process as it was previously done.

Research, Development and Innovation

Deareation System


During the year 2005, SACOME designed and manufactured a fruit juices processing plant that included in its scope of supply an innovative deareation system for the removal of air and a recovery system of aromas and flavours.

Research, Development and Innovation

New agitator with rotating blades


In 2009 SACOME designed and manufactured a food processing plant for the heat treatment of meat, including a tank with an innovative rotating blades agitation system, specially designed for the processing of guts and viscera and other meat residues.

Check our case study of revaluation of meat waste where we apply our own rotating blades agitation system. This project was a complete success for our team, being this system  running at full capacity nowadays.

Research, Development and Innovation

Corrugation Tube Technology


SACOME, as a specialist designer and manufacturer of Tubular Heat Exchangers has developed its own Corrugation Technology in order to optimize the heat transfer and performance.

In case you are interested in SACOME corrugated tube heat exchangers, we recommend you to check our Technical Documentation Section. You can find our technical article in relation to corrugated tube heat exchangers.

Research, Development and Innovation

Adaptation of Hydraulic Forming Presses


SACOME adapted different presses for the manufacturing of bellows for a range of diameters between DN25 to DN3000 by means of hydraulic forming. In 2002, SACOME developed a great R+D+i project for the design and manufacturing of a device based on the mechanical forming, whose construction has allowed our company to extend our scope of supply and reduce the manufacturing cost of our metal expansion joints.

New mathematical models applied to heat exchangers

Our study of “New mathematical models applied to heat exchangers” has been recognized as a “Research and Development Project”.

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