Corrugated tube heat exchangers and process systems for the dessert production

Dessert Industry is a growing segment of the market, and SACOME, answering to the needs of our clients in this sector, is applied its own heat transfer technology to pasteurize and cool this products and extend theirs shelf life, becoming the better partner for our clients in the Dessert Sector.

Rice-based or milk-based desserts, having high or low-fat content formulations, continuous or batch processes, products with an easy or a complex recipe, are some examples of products and applications of our Tubular Heat Exchangers and Process Plants.

It is important to note that our corrugated tube heat exchangers are manufactured with our own corrugation technology to offering an added value to SACOME shell and tube heat exchangers.

Some of the main products and applications of the SACOME Tubular Heat Exchangers and Process Plants for the Dessert Industry are gelatine, jelly, porridge (rice with milk), custard, cheese cream, jams and marmalades, confectionery, puddings and cereal based desserts.

Process Equipment for the Dessert Industry

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