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Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Engineering, Desing and Manufacturing of Tubular Heat Exchangers, Metal Expansion Joints, Process Plants and Pressure Vessels since 1978.


Ingeniería, diseño y fabricación desde 1978


Heat Exchangers

Customized designs to guarantee optimum operating conditions for each specific application.

Expansion Joints

Flexible devices intended to the piping of fluids, that ensure the protection of the system, pipelines, engines, turbines, amon others.

Process Plants

Optimized solutions for the most important applications whitin the food and industrial sector, based on our own design and manufacturing.

Pressure Vessels

SACOME provides an unique and flexible approach to the  manufacture of pressure vessels and process tanks, adapting to the requirements of each project.

Latest Case Studies

Insulin Processing Plant

One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies awarded to SACOME the calculation, design and manufacture of all the heat exchangers for one of their Insulin Plant in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

Worts Coolers for Whisky Production

One of the key points in the design of worts coolers is to know the properties of the product. From our experience in a multitude of projects for the most important distilleries in the world, we perfectly know the behavior of the worts. In fact, we have done some rheological tests in similar projects.

Methanol Evaporators and Condensers for Biodiesel Production

Design and manufacturing of shell and tube heat exchangers, condensders, evaporators, distillation columns and other pressure vessels with high capacity and dimensions for biodisel production.

Margarine Remelters Heat Exchangers

Margarine Remelters Heat Exchangers. Tubular heat exchanger with corrugated tubes, intended for the remelting of margarine and margarine reprocessing.

Minimizing energy consumption in edible oil refining

A world-leading company in the refining of vegetable oils (palm oil, soyabean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, among others) has contacted SACOME to design and manufacture a process plant for the thermal treating of different types of edible oils within the refining process for one of its factories.

How to decrease the shutdowns in a biogas plant

A waste water treatment plant (hereafter WWTP) contacted recently SACOME to solve the problem of blocking in an existing spiral heat exchanger, destined to the heating of sludge

Process system for waste revaluation of slaughterhouse waste

A poultry slaughterhouse located in Germany contacted SACOME to carry out a process of revaluation for the meat waste.

Expansion Joints for Generator Sets Case Study

SACOME designs and manufactures complete systems of metal expansion joints with special designs and customized configurations, which make it possible to keep the pressure, stresses and movements throughout the service life of the equipment.

Technical Documentation

Analysis of the thermal properties of fluids

The starting point in the design of any heat exchange system is the definition of how the thermal properties evolve throughout the process, whether heating or cooling.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Frequently Asked Questions

SACOME Heat Exchangers frequently asked questions with regard to the engineering, design and manufacture of our tubular heat exchangers & shell and tube heat exchangers.

Corrosion issues in metal expansion joints

The service life of a metal expansion joint or metallic compensator can be drastically reduced due to corrosion issues. The design and operation conditions can influence meaningfully, in such a way that the bellows may be affected by corrosion issues whilst the surrounding pipes and supports may not, even though they are made of similar materials.

Heat Exchanger Calculation

The critical issue when designing the heat exchanger is the determining of the thermal exchange coefficients reliably and accurately.

Design, Manufacturing and Tests in Metal Expansion Joints

Design, manufacturing and test procedures are a key factor for metal expansion joints manufacturers. In this technical article we explain briefly how are the most important factor to take into account.

Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers

The advantages of corrugated tube heat exchangers make these type of heat exchanger ones of the most demanded configurations in the industry.

How to avoid intergranular corrosion?

One of the main problems of the austenitic stainless steel can be the intergranular corrosion. Despite of its name, stainless steel is a material that is susceptible to be corroded or oxidized

Advantages of Tubular Heat Exchangers

In this technical resource we explain the main advantages of tubular heat exchangers. Tubular heat exchangers are the most used heat exchanger type in the market due to the excellet operation and high versatility of this type of heat exchangers.

Metal Expansion Joints Main Elements

There are many design alternatives, depending on the elements that make up the metal expansion joint or compensator.

Typical Causes of Metal Expansion Joints Failure

Our know-how designing and manufacturing metal expansion joints and metallic compensators since 1978, has shown us that certain breakdowns rest most of the time with the same mistakes or incidences, such as those set out in the following sections.

Engineering, Design and Manufacturing since 1978

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