Wastewater, Sewage and Sludge Treatment

Tubular heat exchangers for wastewater treatment, sewage and sludge

In many industrial processes involving liquid with high content of suspended solids, it is necessary to do the heating or the cooling of the product to reduce the activity of some microorganisms or to do the separation of the different solid-liquid phase in a later step (i.e. in a centrifugal decanter), among other purposes. For this reason SACOME Tubular Heat Exchangers play an essential role within the wastewater treatment, sewage and sludge heating.

Sometimes, this waste water can be even used to pre-heat the water going to the process getting a large energy recovery and getting a meaningful saving in the energy consumption.

Some of the main applications of our shell and tube heat exchangers are wastewater coming from the washing of paper pulp, sewage, sludge, substrates, liquid manure and limed fleshing, among others.

Case study of heat exchangers for sludge heating

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Wastewater Treatment, Sewage and Sludge Heating

Tubular heat exchangers for wastewater treatment, sewage and sludge

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