Tubes Expander Machine


We have recently done an investment to acquire a tube expander machine. This method allows doing the tube-to-tubesheet joint mechanically without welding.


Our company has been specialized throughout its history in the food and pharmaceutical industry in which welding of pipes to the tubular plate is considered to be the most used method as it is the most aseptic one. However, for some other applications in the chemical and industrial field many clients ask for this kind of joint. Following the philosophy of innovation and adaptation that has always characterized our company, we decided to approach the purchase of a MAUS tubes expander machine, that is a leading brand in its sector.

Expansionado de tubos



This purchase was accompanied by training courses for both operators and technicians in order to optimize their design and use. In addition, the R + D + i Department prepared and conducted tests in order to know accurately the resistance of the joint. With this aim different tightening torques were used and different thicknesses of pipe and tubesheets were worked. Finally, test was made with tubular plates that included slotted holes including as standard, and smooth holes setting the improvement that the machining was supposed in the mechanical fixation between both elements.


This new technology gives our business a versatility which by this time we didn’t have, covering a wider range of jobs, being more competitive in the market for industrial heat exchange.


Also, a combined application emerges: mechanical fixings and fixing by welding tube-plate. According to the process implemented by SACOME in its production department, the tube assembly is conducted at the tubesheet by mechanical expansion proceeding to its subsequent welding. This is an improvement in the time of manufacturing with a corresponding cost reduction in order to further advance the competitiveness of our company in the current market.

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