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Pasteuriser with indirect energy recovery for juice and concentrates

Once again SACOME has been selected for the thermal design and manufacturing of a pasteuriser with indirect energy recovery up to 75% in heating and 99% in cooling.

For a flowrate of 7.500 litres/hour of juices, both fruit juice and tomato juice, it entails a significant energy saving with a reduced pay back time of the equipment.

In addition, this pasteuriser is also designed for the processing of fruit concentrates at a flowrate of 1.500 kg/hour.

Pasteurization to eliminate the presence of micro-organisms and extend the product shelf life, or cooling for aseptically filling are some representative examples of the typical processes to be carried out by our corrugated tube heat exchangers for fruit juices and beverages.

SACOME corrugated tube heat exchangers are customised to handle a wide range of products from low viscosities (as fruit juices) up to high viscosities (as orange concentrate 65⁰ Brix).

Specifically, SACOME applied its Sanitary Multitube Heat Exchanger S-TFM-I with corrugated tubes.

The greatest advantage of the corrugation in our shell and tube heat exchangers is increasing fluid turbulence when flowing through the inner tube, which means that turbulent flow can take place even with a low Reynolds number.

Juice and concentrated pasteuriser
Heat exchangers for the processing of juices and concentrates
Juice and concentrated pasteuriser
Juice and concentrated pasteuriser

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