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Dairy pasteurizer

Juice and dairy pasteurization

SACOME is a leading global company in the field of juice and dairy pasteurization. This fact is evidenced by the countless pasteurizers supplied by our company to the major world producers during the last 30 years. SACOME performs a thorough study of the process and determines, in every particular case, the optimal solution. In addition, in this type of pasteurizers the heat recovery is meant to be a vitally important section, due to the medium and long-term savings when it comes to energy consumption. In this regard, SACOME is used to assess the pay-back time of the initial investment. The greater the heat recovery considered, the higher the initial cost of the equipment will be, but the greater energy saving will be reached. In line with the above, there are cases in which such heat recovery is not recommended, or it is not feasible. And this is where the SACOME expertise comes into play to offer the best solution.

On the other hand, the design of a dairy pasteurizer requires specific considerations to be taken into account, which set it apart from the design of a juice pasteurizer. Therefore, it is essential to know the characteristics of each type of pasteurization and that’s where the great expertise of SACOME provides an added value.

Tubular heat exchangers for dairy pasteurization

One example of the above is the recent manufacturing of a milk cream pasteurizer with 40% fat and 4% protein content. Due to the low product flowrate, SACOME decided to consider the monotubular heat exchanger (also referred to as tube in tube heat exchanger) from our Sanitary Line, our tubular heat exchanger S-TF20-I. Being the product a slightly non-Newtonian fluid, but with relatively low viscosities, the SACOME corrugated tube allowed to get a very compact solution, as it was required by our customer, taking in mind the space constraints on site.

In addition, following the customer’s instructions, SACOME adjusted the heat exchanger design to be able to work at two different production capacities. In the same way, the water-steam heat exchanger, intended for the production of service hot water for the final heating section, was skid-mounted by SACOME into the same frame.

SACOME has many similar references for juices and dairy products.

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