Heat exchanger for the pasteurization of vegan almond water

Pasteurization of a highly complex product

The main aim of SACOME is to provide engineering expertise to solve the needs of our customers. Accordingly, SACOME has a department comprised of an engineering staff exclusively dedicated to the research, development and innovation (our R+D+I Department) that is continuously carrying out tests and improvements in all areas of our company. This department works in close cooperation with other external organizations, such as several nearby universities, with which rheological analysis of products are performed.

A great example of this commitment to engineering is the recent supply of a tubular heat exchanger for the pasteurization of a highly complex product (vegan almond water). This is a non-newtonian highly viscous product, for which SACOME did not have previous references. With this in mind, after an active cooperation with the client and an exhaustive analysis of the process and the product, SACOME contributed with its knowledge and Know-How to achieve an adequate and successful solution.

Tubular heat exchanger for high consistency product and laminar flow working conditions

If we focus on the solution, taking in mind the high consistency of the product and the laminar flow working conditions, SACOME decided that the most suitable geometry was an annular space heat exchanger configuration. Specifically, SACOME chose the annular space heat exchanger with radial product inlet (S-TF40R-D) since there was no presence of solids of a significant size. Once the heat exchanger was defined, SACOME carried out the appropriate thermal calculations and mechanical calculations to set the best possible design, by optimizing all the process parameters: product velocity, pressure drops, design conditions, etc. In this sense, the required design conditions led our engineers to choose inner tubes having higher thicknesses than usual. In addition to the foregoing, since it was a food application, SACOME determined a hygienic design having specific surface finishing, as it typically occurs for the food industry.

In short, this is just one of the many examples of how SACOME has been able to provide a successful solution following an intensive design and engineering work.

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