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tubular heat exchangers for the processing of concentrated carrot juice

Heat exchangers for the processing of juices and concentrates

If there is a sector in which SACOME stands out, that is juices and concentrates field. SACOME has a huge database with thermal properties of thousands of products and hundreds of them are different types of juices and concentrates. Our great expertise in this sector allows SACOME to perform a better approximation of the thermal calculations even though when it is not possible for the client to know the exact properties of the product and it is not possible to provide a product sample for SACOME to perform a rheological test (SACOME collaborates with the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena and the Universidad de Alicante to obtain the properties of products). This fact is even more vital in the case of non-newtonian fluids whose behaviour in many cases can be unpredictable.

In line with the earlier comments above, SACOME has just supplied two frames with tubular heat exchangers for the processing of concentrated carrot juice. The information received from the client regarding the properties of the product was not enough to perform the thermal calculation and it was not possible to get a product sample to perform a rheological test. However, SACOME contributed its experience to achieve an accurate estimate of the missing values and thus perform a thermal calculation as tightly as possible.

Annular space heat exchanger with radial product inlet

Regarding the technical solution, SACOME opted for an annular space model because of the high apparent viscosities of the product and the flow regime was completely laminar. In this case, SACOME considered its annular space heat exchanger with radial product inlet (S-TF40R-D tubular heat exchanger) since there was no presence of solids of a significant size. Once the heat exchanger model was decided, SACOME carried out the necessary thermal and mechanical calculations to define the best possible design, optimizing all the process parameters. In this sense, the client required the study of 4 different operating cases and SACOME managed to optimize the solution so that the shell and tube heat exchangers were able to operate efficiently in all cases.

In summary, the SACOME expertise within the juices and concentrates sector enables them to adjust the technical solution even in the absence of all the necessary data when it comes to the thermal properties of the fluids.

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