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Heat exchanger for the cooling of pork blood

Corrugated tube heat exchanger for the cooling of pork blood

SACOME has supplied a corrugated tube heat exchanger for the cooling of 1.500 kg/h of pork blood. This food application, the destination of which is a slaughterhouse, is of major significance to our client, which aimed to reach a final temperature of 2 / 6 ºC for the product, in order to allow a proper preservation under refrigeration, avoiding thus the bacterial contamination and extending its lifetime until the moment of getting processed. At a later stage our client takes advantage of this product to elaborate certain pork-by-products as black pudding or other sausage-type derivatives. The initial temperature of the product is the body temperature of the pig.

It’s worth mentioning that pork blood, as well as blood coming from bovine, ovine or caprine animal species, can be exploited to get an economical benefit, not only to manufacture some typical food products of our traditional cuisine, as black pudding, but also as supplement for animal feeding, additives for the manufacture of adhesives or to produce compost, among others.

Design of the heat exchanger for the cooling of pork blood

Our experts, on the basis of our wide background and references for this application, have recommended to our client our S-TF20-I Heat Exchanger, taking care in the selection of the size of the inner tube, that must be big enough to avoid plugging, but keeping at the same time a suitable process velocity, allowing thus the client to have long running times between cleaning cycles.

Besides, the tubes are corrugated, which increases the turbulence of the product, enhancing the heat transfer efficiency and decreasing the fouling, thus contributing to extend the production times between CIP.

On the other side, our Technical Department staff have recommended the client the cooling agent to be used (a glycol / water solution), as well as the service temperature, with the aim to get an efficient heat transfer but making sure that the product doesn’t freeze. 

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