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Whisky wort cooling lines

Whisky wort cooling lines for one of the most important distilleries in Scotland

For more than 30 years, SACOME has been a benchmark supplier for the whisky sector. SACOME has supplied hundreds of heat exchangers for the most prestigious Scottish distilleries. The equipment supplied is normally intended for whisky wort cooling, generally from about 60/63°C to about 20°C.

SACOME’s prestige in this sector continues increasing, as evidenced by the recent design and manufacturing of 3 new whisky wort cooling lines for one of the most important distilleries in Scotland. Each of these lines consists of 12 heat exchangers in series (of 6-meter long) mounted on a frame, which was manufactured in two pieces to facilitate the transport. The equipment supplied by SACOME stand out for their great robustness, easy maintenance and welding quality. In addition, as is to be expected, our corrugated tubes heat exchangers allow to supply the most compact solution.

At SACOME we have the kow-how to develop a customized solution to meet the needs of each distillery. Moreover, taking into account the characteristics of each of its products and the services available. In addition, we are able to maximize the operation of the installation by studying different interconnection alternatives on the service side. In the same way, it is vital to carry out the study in both, summer and winter conditions, since the temperature of some of the service fluids (such as tower water) can vary significantly and greatly affect the operation of the equipment.

In short, if you have a glass of whisky or see a bottle of whisky from a well-known brand, it is very likely that this whisky was produced with SACOME tubular heat exchangers.

Heat exchangers technical documentation

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