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Monotube heat exchanger to recover the heat of the hot water coming from the washing of nuts.

Heat recovery with tubular heat exchangers

Despite the fact that heat recovery is not a novel idea, it is certainly true that in recent years there has been growing concern from the companies for energy saving and for resource-efficient solutions. In this sense, SACOME is able to carry out meticulous engineering works to optimize its technical solutions, therefore allowing the client to achieve a coherent payback time for the initial investment, by saving energy by means of heat recovery.

Monotube heat exchanger for energy savings

An example of the above mentioned is the recent manufacturing of a monotube heat exchanger to recover the heat of the hot water coming from the washing of nuts. This process water is a water at 98 ° C, having high potential for its energy usage. So, taking into account the customer’s remarks and after visiting their facilities to explore all possible options, SACOME developed a technical solution able to take advantage of the heat of this waste water to preheat the process water that comes in clean to the washing installation. In this way, the client has been able to save a large amount of money by means of energy saving.

Industrial Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger with corrugated inner tubes and shell

Focusing on the technical solution, contrary to the client’s initial expectations, SACOME decided to consider a double tube heat exchanger with adequate product speed since this waste water could contain some solids and with this design the possibility of plugging was diminished. Specifically, SACOME applied its Industrial Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger (I-TF20-I Tubular Heat Exchanger) with corrugated inner tubes and shell. In addition, as the client was concerned about the way of performing the maintenance tasks, SACOME decided to consider clamp type connections on both sides (product as well as service channel) to facilitate the disassembly and inspection of the equipment in the future.

In short, this is a good example of how heat recovery can mean significant savings in the medium to long term and the way in which SACOME advises technically its customers in this regard.

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