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Tubular heat exchangers for industrial paint applications

Heating and cooling of different types of paint

SACOME is a renowned specialist in the design and manufacture of tubular heat exchangers for the industrial paint applications. In this sense, the tubular heat exchanger is usually intended for the paint temperature maintenance in the desired levels (set point), normally around 20-22 ºC. Therefore, it is necessary to study both cases, the heating as well as the cooling of a certain delta T with respect to such set point. In this way, SACOME has supplied countless tubular heat exchangers for this application for more than 30 years. In addition, our strongly-competitive market position has kept growing year after year. In fact, the strength of SACOME in this sector is not limited only to Spain since a very important part of these shell and tube heat exchangers have been supplied to clients abroad.

Tubular heat exchangers to achieve a compact design and an economical solution

As a proof of the aforementioned, we have recently supplied 45 tubular heat exchangers for both, heating and cooling of different types of paint: primer or preparatory coat, base coat and transparent/clear coating. During the design stage, SACOME has taken into consideration all the specific criteria for this application, such as the need to fit materials having low carbon content (L àlow carbon) or the ban on using any silicone containing component. In addition, SACOME adjusted the design of the tubular heat exchangers to achieve a compact design and an economical solution. After the receipt of these shell and tube heat exchangers, our client expressed his satisfaction for the good surface finish.

On the other hand, SACOME has also manufactured shell and tube heat exchangers for other products within the paint sector, although different features must be taken into consideration in each case.  Paint-glue, glue, PVC mastic, are some of the examples. Therefore, SACOME is not limited only to the most common processes and products within the paint industry, but it is committed to innovation and thus, the study of more complex cases. In other words, SACOME is committed to engineering.

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