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Metal Expansion Joints for the Steel Mill Industry

Metal Expansion Joints to be installed in the loading/cargo trolley of one of the main steel mills

SACOME has been awarded with a new supply of a set of metal expansion joints to be installed in the loading/cargo trolley of one of the main steel mills in the world for the manufacture of this type of equipment.

These cargo trolleys are installed in a coke oven battery, which is the first link in the steel chain where, in rectangular-shaped containers sealed off and located at the air intake (called coke ovens), the coal is transformed into coke (for the consumption of blast furnaces) and gas (used in heating and for other purposes within the factory).

The battery makes an important contribution to achieve the quality objectives of the Blast Furnace and is aimed to get good-quality final products, coke as well as gas, as above-mentioned.

The coke battery is meant to produce, on a regular basis, quality coke at a competitive price for the internal consumption of AHV, thus getting the maximum efficiency from the by-products (gas, tar and ammonium sulphate).

A battery is composed of the following elements or sections:

  • Preparation and mixing of coals.
  • Coke ovens.
  • Treatment, screening and evacuation of coke.
  • By-products.
  • Auxiliary facilities.
  • Supporting services.

The metal expansion joint as a key device in pipe systems

The metal expansion joint is a key element in the piping of these systems, having a design which is especially sensitive to the flexibility, combination of movements and number of life cycles in operation of these equipment.

In order to get a large axial movement, with low rigidities, these metallic compensators have been designed with multi-layer bellows made of high-strength refractory stainless steels, with leakage detection systems. In this case, an inner sleeve has not been required since there was a large lateral movement to be absorbed.

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