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Expansion joints for steam and condensate circuits of the pipeline that make up a new enthalpy recovery unit

One of main engineering firms in Spain has contacted SACOME to manufacture a set of expansion joints to be installed in the steam and condensate circuits of the pipeline that make up a new enthalpy recovery unit within the new 20MW plant.



The Hygroscopic Cycle is a thermodynamic cycle, similar to the Rankine Cycle, characterized by working with hygroscopic compounds that are able to optimize the condensation of the steam coming out of the turbine, being able to work under full vacuum and in good cooling conditions. In short, for a given pressure the condensing temperature in the condenser is increased.

In this cycle the condenser works as a vapor absorber, unlike the traditional condenser placed in the Rankine cycle. Here, the steam coming out from the turbine is absorbed by an aqueous stream rich in hygroscopic compounds, which besides contributing their physical and chemical properties to the process, they protect the cycle against corrosion, they also adjust the pH and help to control the stubborn deposits.

The condensation energy of this cycle is released in an air cooler, in such a way that the consumption of cooling water is in most cases close to zero. In this cycle, the purge of the boiler, that is rich in hygroscopic compounds, is used thermally in an enthalpy recovery unit, as well as chemically in a vapor absorber.

The configuration of this cycle, the use of hygroscopic compounds and the equipment (steam absorber, air cooler and enthalpy recovery unit) make it possible to provide, in contrast to a Rankine cycle, greater electrical performance, saving from 85 to 100% of chilling water, reduction in investment, operation and maintenance costs, as well as getting longer service life, improved reliability, increased availability and reduction of environmental impact.


Metal Expansion joints: the key device


Since metal expansion joints are key devices in the pipes working under these operation cycles, the scope of supply usually consists of different metallic compensators of our SFO model: metal expansion joints with diameters of 2020 mm and 1.800 mm as well as metal expansion joints DN800 and DN200. All the expansion joints have been supplied with fixed flanges according to EN1092-1PN10 and inner sleeves.


Single Unrestrained Metal Expansion Joint

SFO Metal Expansion Joint


In order to get large axial movements, together with low rigidities, these expansion joints have been designed with multi-layer bellows in SS321 stainless steel, having leakage-detectors in the layers and stainless steel inner sleeve.

Metal Expansion Joints Main Elements

El fenómeno de corrosión en juntas de expansión metálicas

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