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Metal Expansion Joints for Generator Sets

What is a generator set used for?

A generator set transforms the thermal energy coming from a fuel engine into mechanical energy by turning a shaft, and then in electrical energy in the form of alternating current.

There are three main reasons for buying this type of equipment:

    • Solving problems of power supply in remote areas where the conventional electric network doesn’t come up or gets often cut off.
    •  When more electrical power is required than that provided by the network.
    • As a protection mechanism against possible regular losses of power of the electric network, that can cause significant economic losses and even endanger the life of people.
  • In addition, it will also be necessary to install this type of systems when it’s requested by the legal framework.

Parts of a generator set

A generator set consists mainly of an internal combustion engine and an alternator.

Sistemas de escape para grupos electrógenos

(1) Engine; (2) Alternator; (3) Fuel Tank; (4) Voltage Regulator; (5) Exhaust and Cooling System; (6) Lubrication System; (7) Battery charger; (8) Control panel; (9) Bench

Other elements that are part of the generator sets are:

  • Fuel tank.
  • Voltage regulator.
  • Exhaust system.
  • Cooling system.
  • Lubrication system.
  • Battery charger.
  • Control Panel.
  • A bench.

The engine (that can be gasoline-powered, but it can also be fuelled with natural gas, diesel or propane) provides the mechanical energy required for the operation of the generator set, being this energy used by the shielded alternator to generate electricity, as the output power of the equipment.

The choice of fuel depends on many factors such as the cost and availability, power of the generator set or scope of application (residential, commercial or industrial).


Importance of the exhaust system

Inside the exhaust system we have several main elements: exhaust pipe, flexible element to compensate dilatations and contractions, ceiling fixing and a silencer. Its main function is the evacuation of high temperature gases that come from the engine as silently as possible.

Juntas de expansión para sistemas de escape de grupos electrógenos

(1) Metal mesh; (2) Expansion joint; (3) 3-point fixing; (4) Insulation with mineral wool; (5) Silencer; (6) Flexible coupling; (7) Fiberglass texture.


Solution to efficiency problems in generator sets

Maximum power levels are always expected from the turbocharger, improving fuel efficiency, as well as having better air quality and the lowest noise levels in the engine room. By isolating vibrations and absorbing normal movements, we can minimize the stresses on the screws, cast or welded elements, elbows, etc., thus drastically reducing the risk of cracks in manifolds as well as preventing damages to the turbocharger.

SACOME designs and manufactures complete systems of metal expansion joints with special designs and customized configurations, which make it possible to keep the pressure, stresses and movements throughout the service life of the equipment. This also includes modifications and substitutions for both, new and old engines.

Ultimately, many generator sets manufacturers use metal expansion joints in their exhaust manifolds. SACOME manufactures and stores these units for many models from the most important manufacturers.

Our company is qualified to manufacture these models of metal expansion joints, totally or partially, on the basis of samples or drawings. An adequate stock ensures, in most cases, a quick delivery time of the metal expansion required with the corresponding connection and accessories under the customer specifications: flanges, clamps, ferrules, purge accessories, anchors, tie rods, etc.

Metal expansion joint with loose flanges.
Metal expansion joint with loose flanges.

Customized Designs

On the other hand, in some cases, it is very difficult to find spare parts or updated parts for generator sets of the old models. SACOME has improved customized designs adapted to many old exhaust systems. This ability to adapt the designs will certainly allow you to take advantage of the maximum performance of your generator sets in place.

Sometimes the best option may be the repairment of the expansion joint or the complete exhaust system can also be carried out when this is the best option. After the inspection of your equipment by one of the our technicians, their first consideration will be to determine the cause of the failure and correct it, if possible, without considering new design changes.

SACOME is a regular supplier for the main manufacturers of generators and engines.

SACOME has been manufacturing metal expansion joints since 1978, with more than 40 years of technical background and know-how in the sector. In addition, our technical department is made up of engineers with a long expertise in this field and we are specialists in offering customized solutions, according to the needs of each of our clients.

Metal expansion joint with loose flanges for generator sets.

We perform a rigorous mechanical calculation for each of the offers. This make possible the absence of any kind of problems in the metallic compensators supplied during all these years. Therefore, the proper operation of our metal expansion joints and compensators is more than assured. In addition, a quick development drawings and efficient manufacturing allows us to offer short delivery times.

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