SGO | Metal expansion joints for generator sets

Metallic compensators for generator sets
Metal expansion joints for the exhaust systems in generator sets,
Metallic compensators for generator sets

SGO Metal Expansion Joints Applications

A full range of expansion joints, specially designed to be assembled in pipelines and exhaust systems in generator sets, can be provided by SACOME. This portfolio corresponds to the SGO configuration, having a single unrestrained axial metal expansion joint with loose flanges. The metal expansion joints play a vital role in the proper operation of the generator set, by absorbing the expansions and vibrations withstood by the system, thus ensuring an optimal efficiency.

SGO Metal Expansion Joints Main Features

Design Code
Designed according to EJMA code (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association).

Over 10E6 cycles.

Design Conditions
1 barg (PN1) and 550 ºC.

Standard Measurements
DFrom DN25 to DN400. Other dimensions and/or design conditions different from those stated above can be custom-designed under request.

Bellows Forming
Done by means of hydraulic forming, in such a way that the inner pressure is guaranteed to be uniformly distributed, as well as a perfect stress distribution is achieved in the different sheets.

The material of the expansion joint 1.4828 (SS309S) is a refractory alloy stainless steel, suitable for working temperatures up to 1.000 ºC.

Inner and/or external removable sleeves can optionally be provided.

Metallic compensators for generator sets

Metal Expansion Joints Optimal Design

The SGO compensators for generator sets are fully manufactured with a single welding seam.

The connecting flanges, manufactured in carbon steel, are loose flanges and are integrally mounted in the expansion joint, in such a way that there is no contact between the flange and the exhaust gases. Under request the flanges can be supplied painted with Silicofer 600.

Due to this exclusive design we get to extend the lifetime of the compensator, by reducing the number of weldings, allowing it to be easily mounted in the exhaust systems and pipes, so that torsional stresses are avoided in the bellows.

Metal expansion joints for the exhaust systems in generator sets,

Metal Expansion Joints Stock

With the aim of guaranteeing short delivery times, SACOME keeps a minimum stock of this range of metal expansion joints for generator sets.
It should be noted that, among the clients of the SGO range of expansion joints, we can find the main national and international manufacturers of generator sets.

SGO Metal Expansion Joints Data Sheet
SGO Metal Expansion Joints Data Sheet

ØF: Bellow diameter (mm)
Lo: Total length (mm)
Lb: Active length (mm)
ØD: External wave diameter (mm)
ØE: External flange diameter (mm)
ØC: Bolts circle diameter (mm)
N: Number of holes
ØT: Diameter of holes (mm)
e: Flange thickness (mm)

Metal Expansion Joints Technical Documentation

Corrosion issues in metal expansion joints

The service life of a metal expansion joint or metallic compensator can be drastically reduced due to corrosion issues. The design and operation conditions can influence meaningfully, in such a way that the bellows may be affected by corrosion issues whilst the surrounding pipes and supports may not, even though they are made of similar materials.

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