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CIP solution sanitary heaters

ASME “U” stamp

In many cases, SACOME is consulted to prepare a tender in which the ASME “U” stamp is required. SACOME had this certification in the past, being especially common in the countries of North America, but currently it’s no longer available within our scope of supply. However, many of the companies asking for this certification are unaware that ASME “U” stamp is not mandatory for certain pressure and temperature conditions and for certain dimensions of the equipment.

CIP solution sanitary heaters

An example of the above-mentioned is the recent supply of several CIP solution sanitary heaters for different projects in the United States and Mexico. In all these projects, the ASME “U” stamp was initially a non-negotiable requirement, but after informing the clients that ASME “U” stamp is not necessary for small-sized equipment with normal pressure and temperature conditions, the clients made the appropriate inquiries to corroborate this fact and finally they accepted the SACOME proposal.

Sanitary multitubular heat exchanger with customized design

Focusing on the technical solution, SACOME decided to consider a sanitary multitubular heat exchanger (S-TFM-I) with customized design, having corrugated inner tubes and shell, eccentric reductions and external polished surface finish, as usual in the SACOME Sanitary Line. In addition, as the client was concerned about the way of performing the maintenance works, it was decided to consider flanged tube sheet and clamps connections on the product side to facilitate the disassembly of the reductions and be able to properly perform the inspection of the equipment in the future.

In short, this is a good example of how, in many cases, such initial equipment requirements received by SACOME may not apply to tubular heat exchangers under certain conditions. Another clear example of this fact is the ATEX certification that is sometimes required and, in most cases, does not apply to heat exchangers. Therefore, it is crucial to know if the required certifications make sense in each particular case.

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