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Vacuum vapours condensers coming from a single stage ejector.
Vacuum vapours condensers coming from a single stage ejector.

Vacuum vapours condensers

SACOME has been awarded by a leading company manufacturing vacuum producing equipment for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, to supply two vacuum vapours condensers coming from a single stage ejector.

Our company holds an extensive experience in the design and manufacture of condensers for vacuum lines, which is an application with certain features to be taken into consideration.

Firstly, a compact design was required by the client, since the equipments are integrated into a small-sized skid. On the other hand, due to the vacuum design pressure, it was necessary to propose a geometry to avoid or prevent the risk of mechanical and acoustic vibrations. Our technicians have verified the thermal calculations of the equipment with the latest HTRI Xchanger Suite software version, which incorporates a specific module for the vibrations checkings. Likewise, they have checked the mechanical calculation to prevent the vacuum collapse.

Condensation of vapours coming from a cooker

The heat exchangers are TEMA BEM 27” model, having removable headers, and they are intended for the condensation of vapours coming from a cooker by means of tower water as cooling fluid. The proposed TEMA configuration has a flanged tubesheet design, which lets the client to remove the headers to easily access to the tubes channel for mechanical cleaning and maintenance tasks, if required.

On the other hand, the tubesheet is fitted with a 10 mm thick square neoprene gasket, according to the client specifications. As regards the construction material of the condensers, with the aim of proposing to our customer a cost-effective alternative, we have supplied a solution by combining some components in 304L austenitic stainless steel, for the parts being in contact with the product, with some others in carbon steel.

Finally, we should also add that the equipments have been supplied mounted onto a tailor-made frame prepared to house other components of the installation, as the condensates extraction pump or the control panel.

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