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SACOME turns 40 years old as a manufacturer!

The year 2018 is going to be a very special year at SACOME, the year of our 40th anniversary!

We are approaching 40 years of experience as manufacturers. And we know that it doesn’t happen every day. This 40th anniversary fills us with enthusiasm and optimism and represents a new opportunity to keep on growing as a company.

In addition, it becomes the ideal occasion to look back and thank all the great people who are part of SACOME team for their commitment, dedication and professionalism.

We are manufacturers since 1978 and more than 6000 references endorse us all over the world, in the food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. SACOME is recognized and positioned in the market as one of the main equipment’s manufacturers. It is clear that, without all of you, customers, distributors and SACOME collaborators, this would not have been possible.

Thank you for your trust and these 40 years of experience, knowledge, company growth, research, development and innovation and a close collaboration with all of you!