Latest improvements in thermal engineering


As a registered member of Heat Transfer Research, Inc. (HTRI) since 1998, in SACOME we have access to the latest advances in the field of thermal engineering and heat transfer. Our Technical Department makes a continuous effort to increase our ability to predict the performance of our tubular heat exchangers.

As an example of these continuous updating, we can apply to our designs the latest improvements included in the recent version 7.2 of HTRI Xchanger Suite.


Improved Pressure Drop Method for Condensation in Horizontal Tubes. 

The available bibliography for the friction pressure drop method for horizontal tubeside condensation does not provide enough experimental data in the mist and shear-controlled flow regions. Recently HTRI has increased the accuracy of their correlations in these regions, with new data obtained in its own experimental installation, using pure and binary fluids.

Improved Pressure Drop Method for Condensation in Horizontal Tubes

Updating of the database VMGThermoTM to version 8.0.  

The package VMGThermoTM , available in HTRI, includes accurate thermal properties for all common industrial fluids. In its last updating, this database includes a better prediction for water-glycol interactions and improves the viscosity determination in light and mediums oils.

Change in reports of velocities in tubeside and shellside. 

For a more comprehensive report about the variation of the fluid velocities along the length of the shell and tube heat exchanger, the last version of HTRI includes the minimum and maximum values of velocities, instead of the average values, in both tubeside and shellside. This new information is especially relevant for the optimizing the design in condensation and vaporization processes, where the fluid undergoes a phase change.

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