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Metallic compensators for a drying coffe line

Hot air and conveying circuits for the drying of different particulate products

Once again, SACOME has been awarded with a new supply of metal expansion joints for one of the main engineering companies in Spain. The scope of supply includes the design and manufacturing of metallic compensators for the hot air and conveying circuits for the drying of different particulate products.

The supply of this system is made up of more than 20 expansion joints, having diameters between 850mm and 650mm. The configuration of the metal expansion joints may vary depending on the location in the installation, making up the set of some of them with internal anti-rotation systems to avoid twisting movement in the metal bellows. All the supplied metal expansion joints have got crossed inner sleeves to guarantee an optimal performance.

The metallic bellows are manufactured with several sheets, all having very thin thicknesses, by means of hydraulic shaping, that gives them a much more homogeneous distribution of the deformation stresses throughout the wave profile, ensuring thus their optimal operation under these working conditions.

Operating conditions of metal expansion joints and metallic compensators

These metallic expansion joints work under operating conditions of 700ºC and vacuum pressure. They are mainly destined for dehydration processes, what consists on an operation whereby the water contained in a certain substance is totally or partially removed. This definition can be applied to solids, liquids or gases and, as it expressed, it can be used to describe several unit operations such as evaporation, adsorption, among others. However, their theoretical treatment and the technology used, make them completely different.

Carrying out customized design for each expansion joint and for each customer, allows SACOME to supply the most suitable metallic compensator for each process at any time. This is why our customers keep on placing their trust on us both, for usual supplies as well as for new designs.

Every customer is filed in our database in such a way that we keep a customized register for each one, where we place on record the designs, references, among other features, for each client and application, thus facilitating the purchase order management and reducing the delivery time of the orders.

Corrosion issues in metal expansion joints

The service life of a metal expansion joint or metallic compensator can be drastically reduced due to corrosion issues. The design and operation conditions can influence meaningfully, in such a way that the bellows may be affected by corrosion issues whilst the surrounding pipes and supports may not, even though they are made of similar materials.

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