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Shell and tube heat exchangers intended for refining of MARPOL

SACOME is contacted by a company dedicated to the treatment of hazardous waste and water contaminated with hydrocarbons, as well as the production and marketing of fuels. In particular, a series of tubular heat exchangers are required for refining MARPOL — abbreviation of “marine pollution“.

These shell and tube heat exchangers have a double function: on the one hand, to raise the temperature in the waste by means of a thermal oil at high temperature; on the other hand, to condense and recover the vacuum vapours generated by the treatment of hydrocarbons using cold water.

Given the nature of the product, with a high degree of fouling, several multitube heat exchangers with removable tube bundle are supplied — in particular our model I-TFMP2-D — with design conditions of 6 barg and 300 °C and capacity to process up to 10,000 kg/h of residue.

Thanks to a careful design of the AET, BFT and BET configurations of the TEMA code, and depending on the cleaning needs of each equipment, the client achieves excellent results, with programmed and simple cleaning cycles.

 Heat exchanger intended for refining MARPOL
 Heat exchanger intended for refining MARPOL

Heat exchangers technical documentation

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